The Games: This librarian’s perspective

Jessamyn has a great post up on following the Olympic Games from a librarian’s/US-located perspective with some fascinating facts and lots of resources for following along.

I live in London, although I was not in town for the Opening and will be at IFLA for the last few days. Flying back into Heathrow last night, the crew gave a wonderful running commentary on all the sights as we flew up the Thames, and the pilot even dipped the wing for a moment to improve views of the stadium.

It is always magic to be in an Olympic city. In 2000 I lived in Sydney and worked for a broadcaster, so we were kept busy in the library during those Games sourcing facts and music. Back then, there was not quite so much content online. The contrast to now could not be more different. Surely, it helps that the IOC can’t control social media (though a few years back they tried to prevent spectators from posting their own images) How appropriate then, Tim Berners-Lee’s role in the Opening Ceremony: “This is for everyone”. So, thanks to the WWW I was able to catch up later on on BBC iPlayer.

As you might imagine, there are a number of libraries devoted to Olympic and sport studies. One is hosted by another library I used to work at, and has all kinds of records including bid books (successful, and not) memorabilia including part of the Olympic ring lights that were strung on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and ephemera like the suitcases given to every attendee at the 2000 Opening Ceremony.

Bring on the Games!

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  1. jessamyn says:

    Hey neat — I liked seeing the Sydney Games Flickr set.